We use a variety of rapid prototyping processes to accelerate and de-risk product development

From prototype to finished product

Our knowledge of cutting-edge processes and materials, together with our extensive partner network, allows us to handle all prototyping requirements, from visual models to working test beds to fully functional prototypes.

We use our experience in product design, engineering and DFX to anticipate problems and get prototypes as close as possible to the finished product, decreasing time to market.


Minimising time and cost

For new products, controlling development costs and reducing time to market are critical priorities. Our approach to rapid prototyping is designed to achieve these goals, while also negating a far greater risk.

By advancing prototypes much closer to the finished product, we seek to solve problems during, not after, the prototype phase. In this way we help our clients to avoid the significant cost and delay of discovering these issues during manufacturing or after launch.


Key technologies, skills and facilities

Our advanced prototyping capabilities cover a wide range of manufacturing techniques, from SLA (stereo lithography), 3D printing and SLS (selective laser sintering) to CNC machining and vacuum casting.

With partners offering facilities for prototype tooling and the painting, assembly and testing of prototypes, we are able to offer the complete rapid prototyping service.