Mechanical Design

Solving engineering challenges so that cutting-edge products can become a reality

World-class engineering expertise

With mechanical design skills that are second to none, Round Peg’s team of engineers has a proven track record of delivering simple, elegant solutions to the most complex engineering challenges.

Whether we’re working on an individual component or the whole product, our breadth of expertise across different fields means we’re adept at finding the most efficient approach, often by adapting technologies from one place to another.


Confidence in sound design

For a product to be successful, the mechanical design phase must take in a wide array of considerations, from functionality and reliability to manufacturability and the cost and time constraints of getting to market.

Our systematic approach to mechanical design and long experience in successful design for manufacture/DFX means that our clients can have total confidence in the designs we deliver.


Key technologies, skills and facilities

We’re continuously adapting to the latest technologies and looking for ways to exploit the latest materials and manufacturing techniques.

As part of our systematic approach to mechanical design, we use advanced tolerance analysis and validation testing through the design phase to make sure the product, part or assembly fits the requirements exactly.