Industrial Design

Award-winning products that deliver an outstanding user experience

Form and function in perfect balance

We use our multidisciplinary expertise to balance form, function, aesthetics and ergonomics. The end result is a product that not only meets your objectives in terms of functionality but will also appeal to the end user.

Our holistic approach to product development means that we factor in things like manufacturability, serviceability and reliability at every stage, ensuring that the product’s look and feel work in harmony with, not in opposition to, these crucial considerations.


Rendering, model-making and user testing

Breakthrough products rely on outstanding industrial design. Our ability to offer sophisticated 3D renderings and realistic space models early in the development process gives you the ability to not only visualise the product but touch, hold and feel it too.

Through early stage visualisation and user testing, we enable better design decisions earlier in the design process, adding value and reducing time to market.


Key technologies, skills and facilities

We can deliver whatever output is required, from sketches and plans to 3D rendering and space models.

We use Photoview 360 to produce sophisticated 3D renders of the product so you can visualise the end result.

Meanwhile, our rapid prototyping and manufacturing facilities allow us to create space models that get as close as possible to the final product, enabling effective look and feel testing to inform the design process.