Concept generation, research and definition to enable successful product development

Creative concepts for compelling products

Using our wealth of experience across different sectors and technologies, we find new approaches to familiar products and develop novel concepts into ingenious designs.

Our team’s creative ability and knack for simple and elegant solutions is backed up by a systematic approach to planning, specification and system architecture. This allows us to identify and develop the most effective design route to achieve your objectives.


Adding value and reducing risk

Thorough research and planning at the concept generation stage is crucial to reducing risk and ultimately delivering a successful product.

Our experience in taking award-winning products from concept to reality gives us the foresight to look ahead and avoid costly mistakes that will send the project back to the drawing board.


Key technologies, skills and facilities

We use the latest CAD platforms, including Creo and Solidworks, to produce and develop conceptual designs. These virtual design environments give us the ability to quickly generate a range of options.

We use a variety of project and task management tools to create a development framework and keep a close eye on progress.