Round Peg’s Partnership with Root Solutions

We are extremely proud to announce that this year marks the 25th year Round Peg Cambridge Ltd has been in partnership with PDSVision, formerly known as Root Solutions.

This long-term relationship is based on trust, shared philosophies, and mutual understanding that our clients’ needs are paramount.  Our philosophy at Round Peg is ‘Simple, Elegant Solutions’ which relies on high quality software and support. Hence why in 1998 our managing director, Nick, decided to ‘Take Control’ and choose PDSVision. We have continued to choose them every time since!

PDSVision, headquartered near Cambridge just like the Round Peg, it is a globally renowned provider of software and services, specifically within the product development sector. As an engineering design consultancy, Round Peg specializes in developing innovative solutions across various industries.

Our long-term partnership with PDSVision ensures that we always have the best software for each unique project. For instance, we recently achieved the design and build of a fully-working pilot machine for a client in record time, using PDM Windchill to safely manage multiple modifications and collaborators. Currently, we are leveraging the power of Creo to cleanse large amounts of manufacturing data (3D and drawings) for a major manufacturer.

Throughout the last 25 years, we have developed a great working relationship with PDSVision; they are always available to help us with any software issues we may be having. They have consistently demonstrated reliability, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to providing the best support. Their assistance has been instrumental in meeting client deadlines promptly and within budget.

To find out how PDSVision can support you business, please follow this link to get in touch. Here’s to another 25 years of thriving collaboration!