Round Peg secures ISO 9001 certification

Quality management assessment passed with flying colours in just six weeks

We are very pleased to announce that Round Peg Cambridge is now ISO 9001:2015 certified. This internationally recognised standard deals with an organisation’s quality management systems (QMS), covering things like leadership and decision-making, internal processes and communication with customers and suppliers.

We’re particularly proud to have completed the notoriously time-consuming certification process in just six weeks, with no nonconformities or opportunities for improvement incurred during the audit.

Our staff have worked really hard to get us to certification in such a short time, so it’s a great result for them. It’s also testament to the fact that we, as an organisation, have always been methodical and process-oriented in our approach, taking quality very seriously.

“We have always put quality first in terms of both our work and our customer service,” says Round Peg founder Nick Harrison, “but we wanted to go through the certification process in order to give our clients the extra level of reassurance that ISO 9001 provides.

“That’s not to say that nothing has changed,” he continues. “We’re always looking for ways to improve and it has been really beneficial for us to formalise some of our quality management processes. The biggest change has been implementing risk-based planning and decision-making, which we have found to be much more efficient. We’re looking forward to bedding in these new processes and seeing how we can use ISO 9001 to benefit our clients.”

British Assessment Bureau Certificate