Round Peg Cambridge Ltd celebrates 25 years at the heart of Cambridge innovation

Round Peg Cambridge Ltd celebrates 25 years at the heart of Cambridge innovation … 

Unsung heroes of the Cambridge tech sector Round Peg Cambridge Ltd have been quietly supplying mechanical design and engineering expertise to some of the UK’s most innovative companies since 1995.

Oakington, Cambridge – 30 May 2020: Mechanical design and engineering consultancy Round Peg Cambridge is celebrating 25 years in business. Though the name might be unfamiliar to many outside engineering circles, Round Peg Cambridge has carved out a unique place in the Cambridge tech ecosystem, lending their expertise and ingenuity to countless innovative products.

Founded in 1995 by well-respected engineer Nick Harrison, the company was set up to offer the mechanical engineering expertise necessary to support new technology through the crucial stages of design, prototyping and transfer to manufacture. Round Peg’s goal was to provide an external resource that could slot seamlessly into a client’s project, like a round peg in a round hole.

This commitment to driving other’s success, coupled with world-class engineering expertise, has seen Round Peg’s services consistently in demand. Working for a veritable who’s who of clients both within the Cambridge cluster and beyond, Round Peg’s past projects vary widely in sector and scale, from tiny medtech and telecommunications devices to massive machines deployed in industry and agriculture.

For founder Nick Harrison, the sheer breadth of Round Peg’s experience is one of the company’s key strengths.

“For a small company – which we still are – the range of different projects we’ve worked on is pretty extraordinary,” he says. “We like to talk about the ‘cross-pollination’ of ideas. Because we’ve worked in so many different sectors over the years, we’re often able to look outside the ordinary and bring in new ideas.

“Our goal is always to deliver simple, elegant solutions that squeeze the maximum functionality out every component,” he continues. “We want every product to be simple to use, simple of manufacture and deliver more by using less.”

Round Peg’s services remain as in-demand as ever. Having grown steadily in recent years, and currently recruiting additional engineers, the company is looking forward to continuing its quiet, quite remarkable work for many years to come.