NATROX® Oxygen Generator

Round Peg Cambridge have played our part by designing a life changing device for patients. Supporting our client Inotec AMD Ltd., manufacturer of the ‘NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy System’, we are delighted to share this case study with cutting edge results for the medical industry.

Standard of care does not reliably heal wounds. Globally 100 million people suffer from chronic wounds, and health systems invest as much in wound care as they do in #oncology. Oxygen is recognised as one of the most urgent requirements in wound healing, as it is critically important for the reconstruction of new vessels and connective tissue, and also enables resistance to infection.

Introducing ..

The NATROX® Oxygen Generator is the size and weight (107g) of a mobile phone and is supplied with two rechargeable batteries. A class IIa medical device licensed under Medical Device Directive, which enables clinicians to prescribe oxygen applied directly to a wound to assist healing in complex, chronic or non-healing wounds.

For further information on our range of medical products, please contact Louise Ashford, Marketing Communications for Round Peg Cambridge Limited.