Intern Success Stories

We are very proud to offer both summer and industrial placements for mechanical design graduates at all levels.

Rory Sutherland 

Mechanical Design Engineer (September 2017 – August 2018)

University of Portsmouth 

“During my gap year at Round Peg Cambridge, I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of interesting and challenging projects, as well as in depth training in design techniques and philosophy. Having previous experience with design and using CAD software has helped me excel in the design units that a lot of students struggle with, as most have no or very limited experience with them.

“In particular the fast nature of work at Round Peg makes it easy to see the physical results of your work, which really gives a lot of perspective about the products you’re creating. One of the most tangible benefits of my year at Round Peg has been the boost to my CV. The ability to demonstrate understanding and experience with regards to real world engineering problems allowed me to stand out amongst other students. This was instrumental both in being accepted onto my University Formula Student team, and for securing an Industrial placement”.


Thomas Mullock 

Mechanical Design Engineer (6 weeks summer placement – August 2016) 

University of Cambridge –  MEng in Engineering

“I spent 6 weeks working with Round Peg between my first and second years at University. Even in this short period, I was able to work on a number of projects and had a great variety of work. It gave me an opportunity to apply engineering concepts I had been learning about to real situations. During one project, I was given a flexible brief to investigate feasibility of a product concept. It was fantastic to be able to drive the investigation myself while picking up new skills along the way, and I was able to present the findings to the client. I had chance in another project to develop my design skills with some mechanism concept generation using Solidworks CAD software – experience which has been invaluable since”.

“Everyone I worked with at Round Peg was friendly and I felt warmly welcomed into the company during my placement”.