Round Peg’s blueprint for design success

When Nick Harrison started Round Peg Cambridge in 1995, like any good engineer he prepared a blueprint for consulting success by incorporating old school drawing office practices with modern technologies and techniques.

This blueprint, combined with a desire to deliver simple, elegant, and robust solutions for the most challenging problems, has enabled Round Peg to successfully deliver projects across leading sectors ranging from Medical, Pharmaceutical, Drug Delivery and Radar Technology to mention a few. As Nick says, “These projects can vary from weeks to several years and from precise microfluidic flow cells to large holographic radars”. Alongside client projects, Round Peg are currently designing a range of lab enclosures for various testing applications.

Due to this success, Round Peg has built an enviable reputation in the Cambridge Hub for being a nimble and competitive alternative to the larger design and engineering consultancies and has become a go-to for clients including Evonetix, Aveillant and AstraZeneca, who have all benefited from Round Peg’s engineering expertise.

Round Peg disciplines include mechanical design, prototyping, validation, industrial design and manufacture. These are brought together through the growing team which offer a range of skill sets, ages, experience, and backgrounds.

At the heart of the Round Peg process is a desire to be agile, which has led the company to invest in bespoke business management software to reduce administration overheads. Although off the shelf software is available none of it met the requirements of Round Peg. Nick says “The software will provide the backbone to our core business including real-time spend reporting, so we are able to plan project budgets & resources with a much higher accuracy which in turn provides benefit to clients. This is also helping us to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation.”

Whatever Round Peg is not able to produce in-house they outsource to their extensive local supplier network, built up over the years, with many long-standing relationships. This enables Round Peg to deliver quality products within time and on budget. As Nick comments “I’m hopeful manufacturing will soon start to come back into the UK”.

Open day

The company celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. Plans are in place for an open day later in the summer for those who are interested at Round Peg’s journey so far and to meet the engineering team in their new facilities. Please register interest using the following link:

Round Peg in their new offices near Bar Hill, Nick Harrison . Picture: Keith Heppell (Cambridge Independent)